Where did you go?

Have all the good ideas been taken?

Well, like history a lot of ideas have been repeated in advertising.  Some are copied, some similar, and some just have a newer twist.  But you have to admit…while brainstorming for ideas, as different as you really think they are, majority of the ideas have been done before at some point in time. Don’t feel alone, everyone is guilty of not having complete original ideas.  So how do you come up with original ideas? What a great question?  And who has the answer to this?

One should take those great ideas and some how mold  and make them your own. I know that things start to sound like something else to some degree, but take those ideas and create a new twist.  Here are some methods I take to be more original:

  • Come up with your own world and how you could do things there.  What would your rules and regulations be?
  • Listen to music
  • Sit outside
  • Write down all ideas for 2 minutes
  • Write down some objects that remind me of the subject (15)
  • Go through the dictionary
  • Try to stay off the net
  • Draw ideas
  • Close my eyes and relax

So here are some methods of mine…What are yours?



Whatcha gonna to do when a HACK gets you?

So what is a friendly reminder going to do for someone when their account is being hacked?

Should twitter have more enterprise- level of security for its brand accounts? Yes, why wouldn’t they? This is now a platform for companies as well as individuals to promote their brand name.  Who’s to say that any company or individual will go in and try to destroy their reputation?  I think that the security should apply to larger businesses as well as individuals.  A person’s personal reputation is just as important as a larger business; they just don’t get paid for it.

How crazy is it that Burger King and Jeep, both large companies, are being hacked? But was this hacking a good thing?  According to the article “Jeep, BK Hacks Shine Light on Twitter’s Treatment of Marketers” they think it might have been.  It states that BK went from 83,000 followers to 110,000 within an hour.  That’s crazy!  Even if the hack was irregular, it gave people something to talk about. In this industry publicity is exposure.  They were and now are getting their name out there.  Everyone is talking about the twitter hack, so this gives publicity for all those involved.

And now there are some who are hacking themselves. Making this a joke.  Well I guess they too want to be in this publicity hack. Would you hack yourself for more exposure?


Read article to find out more information: Click Here

Fall in Loft all over again.

Connections at the Loft!

One of my favorite brands, and one I currently work for, is Ann Taylor Loft.  This is the sister store of the original Ann Taylor.  The brand represents what it means to be a “real woman.” They believe “best relationships are built on trust. Well, that and an amazing wardrobe. We became a trusted personal stylist by connecting with women on a genuine level – equal parts expert, confidante and friend who tells it like it is. We give her fashion advice, ideas and inspiration that make her style aspirations attainable. We believe in offering versatile, accessible and affordable fashion with undeniably feminine appeal, special and unexpected details and a flattering fit.”

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Frogs who never get old

The third chapter of The Idea Writers, Teressa Iezzi touches on the importance of storytelling in advertising. She uses as an example of a branded entertainment campaign for BMW, called “The Hire.” Fallon created a successful series of online films that people went out of their way to watch.  This advertising style is one that motivates people seek the ads themselves verses the type that just yells at them.

Iezzi later mentions how the copywriter’s job description expanded along with the range of mediums they had been assigned to write.  She makes an excellent point in stating that it is not just the marketers goal to make the brand stand out in the ad, but to really earn the audience’s attention.   If the marketer is able to understand the product and the brand, then give a great story, they are on track to a successful idea. Continue reading

Great ideas do not change

Robert Bly once stated the question “Has the internet changed c20090930033424opywriting?”  His answer – “no.”  The reasoning behind this is that there have been minor changes brought out by the Internet.  The Internet gives more overloaded information to the consumers.   Teressa Iezzi believes this answer is unfitting.  She states that it cannot just be viewed as just another “channel “ medium.  The Internet is more than just an instrument of change.

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