Great ideas do not change

Robert Bly once stated the question “Has the internet changed c20090930033424opywriting?”  His answer – “no.”  The reasoning behind this is that there have been minor changes brought out by the Internet.  The Internet gives more overloaded information to the consumers.   Teressa Iezzi believes this answer is unfitting.  She states that it cannot just be viewed as just another “channel “ medium.  The Internet is more than just an instrument of change.

I agree with Iezzi.  The Internet has changed and evolved copywriting in advertising.  It may be not have taken away the fundamentals and guidelines, but had to grow to fit the frame of mind of todays consumer. Currently, everyone lives in a digital world by interaction on the Internet.  One of the central jobs of a copywriter is it to tell the story, and this hasn’t changed.

From the past to the present great ideas do no change.  There have been many approaches and contributions to the advertising world.  Three of the most inspirational to me are David Ogilvy, Rosser Reeves, and Bill Bernbach.  Their ideas changed the way advertising was generated in their time and still has an impact on us today.

Among many, David Ogilvy represents the “power of a story.” He inspired the idea of “Truth Well Told.”  His notion is advertising is about storytelling.  The story has to grab your attention, play to emotions, and get the point across.  Ogilvy used many of his personal past experiences and emotions displayed in his ideas. You can win over an audience by letting them see who you really are. This method is still used today, being honest and creating a sense of emotion your consumer can relate to will have a greater impact.

The father of modern adverting (inspiration for the character Don Draper on Mad Men), Rosser Reeves, developed the idea of USP (Unique selling proposition). Each advertisement must make a proposal to the consumer. The proposition must be one that the competition either cannot, or does not, offer. The idea must be strong so it can move many. He believes that whatever you are stating in the ad, the main object is to sell the product, and only this.  Today this is still the one of the objectives overall, sell the idea or product. Your USP should have a constant theme in your advertisings so it establishes a clear positioning that sticks in the minds of your customers.

Bill Bernbach represents the idea of creativity of advertising.  He believed that ads had to offer a sense of entertainment.  If you have all the right aspects to an ad and no one is paying it any attention, it hasn’t done its job.  This still stands today.  Society sees a thousand ads daily, but a few are only going to catch your eye and truly entertain you.  Advertisers are still trying to make those catchy, memorable ads today.



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