Frogs who never get old

The third chapter of The Idea Writers, Teressa Iezzi touches on the importance of storytelling in advertising. She uses as an example of a branded entertainment campaign for BMW, called “The Hire.” Fallon created a successful series of online films that people went out of their way to watch.  This advertising style is one that motivates people seek the ads themselves verses the type that just yells at them.

Iezzi later mentions how the copywriter’s job description expanded along with the range of mediums they had been assigned to write.  She makes an excellent point in stating that it is not just the marketers goal to make the brand stand out in the ad, but to really earn the audience’s attention.   If the marketer is able to understand the product and the brand, then give a great story, they are on track to a successful idea.

         Towards the end of the chapter Iezzi talks about how the representation of a brand’s story is attracting more interaction.  Giving examples of the SEGA’s ESPN football game, AI trailers, the Blair Witch project, and Beta 7 gave me an insight how to push outside the box and expand that audience curiosity.  Take the Blair Witch project; it made everyone think was it real…was there really a Blair Witch?  A creator should really dig inside and find out what the audience will be attracted to and run with that.  Monelle makes an excellent point when he states:

“I’m starting to see marketers consider something that’s always been a reality for me—that maybe it’s not the biggest audience we should be going after. If I’m trying to sell a horror story, what can I give to people who are really into horror stories that will give them context in which to spread the story?

In other words, if I know you love vampire stories and I give you something that you like, you will run out and tell your friend in a way you know your friend wants to hear because you know your friend better than I do.”

After reading this chapter there is one ad campaign I thought was effective at storytelling.  It is the Budweiser frog campaign in the 90’s.  This ongoing storyline drew me in by its irreplaceable humor. This campaign’s stories made you wonder what would happen next and made you want to look it up to find out.  It worked through a fill in the blank strategy, inviting the audience to figure out some of the message themselves.  I admire the uniqueness and creativity behind it.  It was good clean humor for that time.  Never getting old, I still find myself watching these ads today. Laughing the entire time.



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