Fall in Loft all over again.

Connections at the Loft!

One of my favorite brands, and one I currently work for, is Ann Taylor Loft.  This is the sister store of the original Ann Taylor.  The brand represents what it means to be a “real woman.” They believe “best relationships are built on trust. Well, that and an amazing wardrobe. We became a trusted personal stylist by connecting with women on a genuine level – equal parts expert, confidante and friend who tells it like it is. We give her fashion advice, ideas and inspiration that make her style aspirations attainable. We believe in offering versatile, accessible and affordable fashion with undeniably feminine appeal, special and unexpected details and a flattering fit.”

Their e-commerce web presence is warm and inviting, just like in their stores. They are able to create a connection with their customers.  Loft has fashion tips as well as the product line to purchase. One is able to find what they are looking for simply.  They also try to address the issues as soon as they occur. Once, their website was down for maintenance, Loft directed their customers to their Facebook page and probed for coupon suggestions.

Loft has done a great job of creating a social network that includes photos, videos, personal testimonies, and content that promotes their products.  They are active on Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, Tumblr, and Pinterest.  Through Facebook, Loft conducts surveys and questions posted on their pages to get their customers involved. They re-comment on twitter and Facebook statuses throughout the day to stay connected with their fans on their own pages and that of others.  Loft also reward fans with coupons or special discounts often.

Not only has Loft connected with famous bloggers to help direct Live Love Loft on the right track, but their customers have their separate blogs about them as well.  This has become more than just fashion blogging but a style of life.  They also appear on several fashion magazine websites too that are connected to fashion blogging.

With the simplistic layout, modern photography, and use of bright bold colors, Loft has succeeded with its online presence. They also have a great social media strategy, actually making personal connections with their customers. It is all about conversation. If you have this connection with your viewers/customers they will open up, be honest, and fall in love with your company all over again.



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