Whatcha gonna to do when a HACK gets you?

So what is a friendly reminder going to do for someone when their account is being hacked?

Should twitter have more enterprise- level of security for its brand accounts? Yes, why wouldn’t they? This is now a platform for companies as well as individuals to promote their brand name.  Who’s to say that any company or individual will go in and try to destroy their reputation?  I think that the security should apply to larger businesses as well as individuals.  A person’s personal reputation is just as important as a larger business; they just don’t get paid for it.

How crazy is it that Burger King and Jeep, both large companies, are being hacked? But was this hacking a good thing?  According to the article “Jeep, BK Hacks Shine Light on Twitter’s Treatment of Marketers” they think it might have been.  It states that BK went from 83,000 followers to 110,000 within an hour.  That’s crazy!  Even if the hack was irregular, it gave people something to talk about. In this industry publicity is exposure.  They were and now are getting their name out there.  Everyone is talking about the twitter hack, so this gives publicity for all those involved.

And now there are some who are hacking themselves. Making this a joke.  Well I guess they too want to be in this publicity hack. Would you hack yourself for more exposure?


Read article to find out more information: Click Here


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