A Day in the Life

After all the jobs in advertising, my dream job is to be a creative director.  Their job is translate marketing objectives into creative designs, strategies and plans.  They manage graphic design, web development, concept development, copywriting, advertising and promotions.  This requires someone who is passionate, self-motivated, resourceful, and have pristine design and leadership skills.

Here would be a day in the life of my dream job:

7:30 am:  My third snooze alarm is going off.

7:35 am:  I finally get out of bed and stumble into the bathroom.

8:15 am:  I grab the juice from the fridge and scarf down some toast.

8:20 am: I quickly check my work email from my iPhone (lifesaver). Luckily all that’s there is a meeting notice for later in the week.

8:25 am: I  grab my key’s , bag, and head to the car

8:40am: I run through the drive through at Starbucks, thank God traffic isn’t too bad this morning.

9:00am: I am settled at my desk and have gone through the additional emails I received from the time I left the house till now.  There are a couple of revision requests and one new urgent project from the servicing director (a huge client we have).

9:35am: I check all my social media accounts, keeping updated on the world.

10:00am: Thee client is now calling me directly. I now have to stop everything I was working on to meet for a brainstorming session with my available graphic designers.

12:00pm: The brainstorming is complete! LUNCH??? Not yet.  I still have 2 other graphic requests to go over with my designers and copywriters before our meeting at 2pm.  I also have the servicing director come to my desk back and forth.

12:10pm: Since this is everyone’s lunchtime, the office is loud so I shut my door and drown out everything with my iPod.  Thank God for earphones and closed doors.

1:20pm: I finally get to take a couple minutes and scarf down some lunch.  Jimmy Johns is a lifesaver.  Love the club lulu.

2:00pm: Everything was delivered on time to the client director’s liking!  He is going to present at the client meeting.  The graphic design department isn’t going to be involved in the meeting, but I’ve learned how to communicate our ideas and get the point across.

2:45pm: I get a call from Donna, our admin up front.   My print vendor rep is here with my calendar proof.  Since we are printing a couple projects in 4-color process, I always want to make sure everything is up to par.

3:00pm: I proof the entire piece and of course find a few mistakes.  I mark them up and request a second proof.  I also spend some time chitchatting with the rept.  It is very important to build relationships and you’ll never know if you need them later down the road.

4:00pm: Is it the end of the day yet?

4:20pm: I was going through a couple missed calls and several emails.  The servicing director is back from his meeting with the client feedback.  More changes.  Gotta love how our clients make changes constantly.  The copywriters are updating some files and I have to check them before I leave the office.

5:45pm: 15minutes couldn’t come soon enough!

6:07pm: I am packed up and rushing out the door to make it to the AIGA board meeting.

6:30pm:I arrive at out meeting.  Being involved in a professional design organization like AIGA, helps me stay current in my design community and the industry as a whole.

6:35pm:We spend the hour going over upcoming events, membership numbers, brainstorming for future events, etc. The meetings are scheduled for an hour but always go over.

8:00pm: I finally make it home!  I take off my shoes and curl up on the couch.

9:30pm: I check my work emails and responded to a few questions.  I close my computer and turn on the tv.

10:00pm:  After going over my mental checklist, I finally doze off to sleep.

Until tomorrow… 


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