Smile while Driving…Das Auto

What is conversational marketing?  This is relationship formed by advertising for the new age of advertising. It involves personalized communication that can be written, verbal, online, etc.  And it involves listening.  One has to listen to the discussions that are happening about the brand and ask to be involved in the interaction.  Relationships are something that are formed, but conversations are ongoing and evolving.  This requires both the consumer and brand/product to participate. By both parties included, this strengthens the relationship.

An example of this would be the interactive advertising from Volkswagen. Soon there is going to be an app that gauges how much fun you’re having on trips in the car.  This app is for Android and is apart of Google’s  “Art, Copy & Code” initiative.    It should be released this summer, right when all the road trips begin.  It goes hand in hand with building a relationship with brand and consumer.  Volkswagen is trying to build this happy have adventure outlook by providing an app their audience can relate to.  Social media is all the rage and why not add another app that can track your every move.  The risks of this are some bugs that may come from this and possible hacks?  It hasn’t been released yet so I would have to write more when summer comes.


Click here to check it out


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