What an internship can do for you!

Internships have become an important part of a college student’s education. Through internships one gains experience in different fields, test career interests, establish contacts that can assist with networking, and receive letters of recommendation from professionals in the field. Internships can really build and contribute experience to ones resume.

In addition to these benefits, internships act as a way for one to gain experience without committing themselves permanently to a specific field.  Internships allow someone who do not know exactly what they want to do to, work in different fields with the hope of finding a job they really enjoy. For others internships confirm their interest in a particular course of study and reinforce their career goals.

Internships gives one the competitive edge over other students when seeking a full-time job after graduation. Many employers give preference in hiring to students who have previous internship experience in their respective industries.  In today’s competitive job market it is essential that you gain career skills and make the most of your experiences.


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