Changing Social World…Are you Changing with it?

As the world changes advertising and marketing is changing as well. One of the main questions is what is this social media? Social media is defined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as “user generated content, the blending of technology and social interaction with other users. This technology in many different formats gives every user the means to put out information to the greater world. This media is commonly known as Facebook, Twitter, Photo Bucket and scores of other sites.”

This social trend is evolving over the past twelve years or so. Traditional media has been filled with various articles about social media and the changes that comes with it.  This brings up the subject of social media in everyone’s mind. Social media seems to have grabbed hold of everything and shows how much of a big movement it has become.

The growth of social sites isn’t for nothing. Individuals  are posting  information on the Internet for their friends and the whole world to see.  As Im sure we all have seen frequent useless  information that is nonsense  like celebrity sightings and comments about what  Mary had for lunch. But there are many postings that one can learn about important things too. Today  you can learn just about anything you want on the Internet and especially form  social media sties. The world has evolved and everyone is jumping on board.

Corporations are also using this new movement for their benefit. Many large corporations like Google monitor their social media sites to take care of their customer service issues. I have heard of people that complain about their service or damaged products on a certain companies’ site and they receive a call, email, or tweet back from the corporation to see what they can do to correct things.  What great customer service! Sometimes better service than what you would receive in the store or by just calling.

These same corporations are utilizing social media sites to advertise products or services in more modern ways.  The social movement is influencing how people think and act today. This medium has changed how business  think and how they operate  communication methods for both people and organizations. Now some people now use social media to take the place of the old fashion advertising.

The world is changing…Are you changing with it?