Portfolio – Web Design

Check out some of the Web Design projects I have worked on! All for education related purposes.

Maori- Communication

Maori Website

This website was created for a Study Abroad project based on the Maori culture of New Zealand.  The project was to explain and show their history, customs -new and old, and how they have evolved over the years.  I chose to create a website to best show each of these aspect of their culture. Below is the link for the web page:

Click Here to View: http://mgdelozier2.wix.com/maori-communication 

Step into Blacksburg

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.09.23 AMThis website was created for an end of a semester project for the Blacksburg Partnership.  The project was to take a nonprofit organization and update their look through advertising methods.  I chose this organization based on previous events attended and how close to home it is.  I created a new look based on a modern clean feel with images of previous events and information about what the organization is about.  Below is the link for the web page I created:

Click Here to View: http://mgdelozier2.wix.com/stepintoblacksburg

The Chance Harman Memorial Fund  – WIP and Coming Soon.

This website was created for a wonderful non-profit organization: The Chance Harman Memorial Fund.  I worked really close with one of the directors on posters and social media advertising for the fund.  I have been working on their new look for a website design.  It is still a WIP and coming soon.


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