Portfolio – Writing Samples

Here are some writing samples. Click on the Blue link for the full version.

Media Buying Plans Book  Through media buying and planning, my group and I created a yearly strategy for Chick-fil-A.  I created the plans booklet and wrote majority of the copy as well.

Instagram BUZZ – 10 Awesome Infographics: This is a blog post I wrote for The Social Buzz Lab in the summer of 2013.  The idea was to show case the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram through Infographics found on Pinterest.

Blacksburg Partnership-CreativeBrief: Here is a creative brief I wrote for a project using the “Blacksburg Partnership” as a client.  The idea was to inspire others to “Step into…Step into Blacksburg.”

Press Release-Smileage: This is an example of a press release I wrote for a new application that Google and Volkswagen are going to launch summer 2013.

F&C Press Release: Another example of a press release I wrote for the 5th annual Blacksburg Fork & Cork wine festival.

RUCommunication: This is an example of a story board script for a 30 second commercial.  The objective is to attract  individuals to the communication department at Radford University.

Jones Soda Commercial: An additional storyboard for a 30 second online video for Jones Soda online contest hosted by Zoopa.com.  I wrote the storyboard and created the video as well.

J.PetermanOnlineCatalog: For an online retail catalog I wrote an example for the J.Peterman website.  I tried to mimic the same style as the writers depict for that website.

J Peterman Online


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