How ready are you?

In the upcoming year I will have finished a second degree at Radford University in Communications- Advertising and Graphic Design.  I felt that obtaining both of these would greatly help me for my future career.  Having all of these degrees state I know what I am doing is wonderful, unless I really do know what I am doing.  So do I?

After reading Jeremy Poter’s Blog article, Skills Entry-Level PR Hires Should Have, I really started to think: “Am I ready for a future in Communications”?

He has a great point to state that one should go and experience life before working the 9-5 everyday right after school.  When I graduated with my first degree in graphic design I jumped right in without any experience.  I wish I had taken the time to know myself and develop my skills a little more.  This would have given me an upper hand on the performance and skill set I brought to the table.

Now that I am back in school, I feel more confident that I made the right decision to further my education in the communication-advertising field.  I had the writing skills, internship experience, social media experience, and multimedia experience but not as much as I thought.  Even now, taking advertising classes and working on these group projects are helping me strengthen my skill set.

In a year from now…Heck…Three years from now, I hope to have the knowledge to be able to hook that job.  I believe that I will be prepared for the past media, in hopes to develop and continue to work with the new- not yet invented future. 


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