How are you learning to communicate?

During this past week at Radford University in Virginia, Communication Week took place.  The Coms department had several key individuals, in various communication fields, to share their experiences and insight the to RU students.  These wonderful people took time out of their busy lives to help us out. I have to say it was awesome to see so many fellow communication students out this week to hear everyone speak!

Of all the wonderful guest speakers I was able to attended these three:

Joanne Rae – Demonstrated  how to be a professional in the workplace and during interviews

  • She gave tips on what to and what not to wear
  • What is appropriate during an interview.  
  • You have 7 seconds to impress –  Go! 

Abby Grace – Discussed the importance of promoting yourself and small or large businesses through social media.

  • She was able to build her business from social media.
  • Tips on how to keep yourself current and professional in the world of social media
  • “Social media is completely unstoppable.”

Shelly Whitaker – Talked about how to improve and create a professional Resume.

  • Tips and tricks on building your resume
  • What an employer might look for – specifically

I really enjoyed what these powerful women had to say! The speeches were  insightful and makes me want to get my professional life in order.  It is always nice to learn how to dress professionally and gather tips to improve my resume but  Abby Grace was my favorite.  This amazing person was able to keep my attention and move me through her personal experiences.  Her story is very similar to my story in some ways and just moves me.

It gives me hope for my future endeavors.



How ready are you?

In the upcoming year I will have finished a second degree at Radford University in Communications- Advertising and Graphic Design.  I felt that obtaining both of these would greatly help me for my future career.  Having all of these degrees state I know what I am doing is wonderful, unless I really do know what I am doing.  So do I?

After reading Jeremy Poter’s Blog article, Skills Entry-Level PR Hires Should Have, I really started to think: “Am I ready for a future in Communications”?

He has a great point to state that one should go and experience life before working the 9-5 everyday right after school.  When I graduated with my first degree in graphic design I jumped right in without any experience.  I wish I had taken the time to know myself and develop my skills a little more.  This would have given me an upper hand on the performance and skill set I brought to the table.

Now that I am back in school, I feel more confident that I made the right decision to further my education in the communication-advertising field.  I had the writing skills, internship experience, social media experience, and multimedia experience but not as much as I thought.  Even now, taking advertising classes and working on these group projects are helping me strengthen my skill set.

In a year from now…Heck…Three years from now, I hope to have the knowledge to be able to hook that job.  I believe that I will be prepared for the past media, in hopes to develop and continue to work with the new- not yet invented future. 


Read Jeremy’s Article for more insight. CLICK HERE!