1186907_10201906137126146_1978627105_nWith a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art: Graphic Design, I am going back for a second major in media studies and a business administration minor at Radford University.

I am currently employed at Ann Taylor Loft in Blacksburg as a sales lead.  After working and going to school full time I am able to maintain a 3.7 GPA.  When not busy with work and schoolwork, I works on some photography and graphic design projects as a freelance artist.

Having to juggle many tasks, this has taught me to manage my time  and to be organized.   Being a sales lead, for two separate companies, has helped me with leadership and management skills.  “Every experience helps guide you to be a better stronger you.”

Loving life, my passion lies with art, both photographic and hand crafted.   Art is something that makes her me mostly alive – when creating something myself. Why not work in a field that makes you come alive?

If I had it my way, I would travel and live on that plane.  Having experienced the cultures of several foreign countries, I developed a love for travel and adventure.  I spend life “looking through a lens”.


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